Leagues in Minutes

Advanced Features

The Advanced Version - $1.00 a player a season

Top 10 Features

1. Lifetime historical head-to-head stats against any player you've ever played against
2. Shared advertising model where leagues can host advertisements and share revenue*
3. Schedule wizard that generates your schedule, allows breaks and highlights any conflicts to be fixed on the fly.
4. Automated League and Team news function – you select an automatic start date and end date
5. E-mail blast and contact system for reaching your members in a hurry**
6. Result verification. Let the home captain enter the result and the away captain verify it.
7. Export player lists, standings, schedules, statistics to Excel
8. Use the Tournament module to advertise tournaments to your league and other YourLeagueStats users in your vicinity
9. Create and conduct polls on your site
10. Player of the week module allows you to award player(s) of the week and give out awards to get more players invested in your league.

Other Features

- No web knowledge required
- Free fully-functional and SEO optimized website – gets your league seen on search engines
- Lifetime points, and all-star records kept for 999 years
- Personal player pages for every match throughout the year including opponents and partners played with
- Scouting Reports to show play patterns of opposing teams
- Teams get their own page with Google map to their venue
- Playoff module with seeding and manual placements
- Awards module to give teams or players seasonal or special awards

… as well as:

Bonus points, Penalty points, All-Stars, PPD, PPT, Recycling, Dummy Scores, and Special Offers available only to members of YourLeagueStats.com

*Applicable only to sponsors that aren't competing with our anchor sponsors. Some restrictions may apply.
** Subject to certain opt-in and Can-Spam Act conditions

Our Commitment

If our system can’t handle your league, we’ll do custom programing so it can (subject to certain restrictions).

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