Leagues in Minutes

5 Reasons to Use Us

1. It’s Easy and Fast

You can elect to either have your Statistician or Captains make entries – or any combination of both. All you need is an internet connection. no web knowledge required. Many league admins are spending less than 5 minutes a week now running their leagues.

2. It’s Free

In both the US and Canada we have sponsors who are making the Basic version available for Free. The advanced version has all the bells and whistles and costs only $1 a player a season. The Basic version is powerful enough to run virtually any league.

3. It’s Your Insurance

Imagine the person you have doing your stats now quits or their computer crashes. Using Your League Stats lets you take over instantly and replace statisticians who can’t continue or allows you to add a second statistician the hassle-free way. Your downtime is virtually zero!

4. No Web Experience needed

Not only do you get World-Class league management tools, you get a free web site that can handle the needs of virtually any requirements. Automated news functions for both the leagues and captains. We take care of all the technical needs. You just run your league.

5. It Can Help Grow Your League

Once your league is placed on our site you harvest the full power of the web. Since the site is highly optimized for search engine results with Google, AOL, Yahoo! and others, your league can get a serious boost in searches. That means players looking to join leagues are more likely to find you.

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