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June 8, 2015

"Just finished transitioning to YLS. We anticipated having to change the way we did things to conform to YLS, but to the contrary, YLS proved so flexible we were able to duplicate our league setup exactly. Obviously, YLS was written by folks who play the game and understand the multitude of variations that exist across different leagues. It is a pleasure to use YLS."

Rich H, Santa Cruz County Dart Association

"We--the Olde English Dart League of Philly--are in our fourth season of using your site to track our stats, schedules, etc. It's been fantastic. So many members enjoy the competitive points and seeing the line-ups. I personally love that we now have a robust archive for past seasons. And, as one of the members that enters stats, I can also say it's been a super easy system to use. Thanks!!"

- Lauren A., Player and Admin of the Olde English Dart League of Philadelphia

“It's a great program - 9 out of 10. It's super easy to use and super reliable”

Colin D., President Queen Street Dart League

"Thought the software was excellent and easy to navigate"

Christopher C. - Captain DRPDL

“...much better than faxing in the sheets. First, it eliminates the tedious task of having some poor soul wade through a pile of illegible faxes each week. Secondly, if one Captain is tardy, the other can step in"

Chris D., Captain QSDL

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