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 Division 1
Team W12W11W10W9W8 Win-Loss WLT 5C5CD5D Last 5 Average Points
Tiernan's 136-1842-1247-7 44-10412-12810-0-0140-40146-34126-54WWWWW.763412
Fiddler's Green 1 12-4230-2450-420-34248-2384-5-076-8666-96106-56LWWLL.510248
VFW-Westport 124-30 24-3041-1310-44247-2395-4-083-7990-7274-88LLWLW.508247
Tigin Pub 118-3626-28 13-4134-20197-3432-8-077-10368-11252-128LLLWL.365197
Tigin Pub 230-2428-267-474-50 192-3483-7-056-12462-11874-106WWLLL.356192
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.

 Week 12 Results
   Division 1
Tigin Pub 1 18-36Tiernan's 1View Result
VFW-Westport 1 24-30Tigin Pub 2View Result
Fiddler's Green 1 had a bye this week.
 Division 2
Team W12W11W10W9W8 Win-Loss WLT 5C5CD5D Last 5 Average Points
Ferris Hill 149-531-2336-1847-733-21436-21210-2-0144-72154-62138-78WWWWW.673436
Eagles Norwalk 137-1743-1142-1231-2321-33409-23010-2-0138-78136-80144-72WWWWL.640409*
Fiddler's Green 217-3723-3118-3643-1133-21341-3077-5-0109-107124-92108-108LLLWW.526341
Tuckers 135-1923-3138-1623-3121-33326-3225-7-0114-10298-118114-102WLWLL.503326
Tracks 119-3531-2312-427-4750-4305-3434-8-0105-11188-128112-104LWLLW.471305
Eagles-Stamford 15-4911-4316-3811-434-50118-5300-12-038-17848-16832-184LLLLL.182118
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of the Week
   Division 1
T.J. HerlihyTiernan's 1
Nigel BrownTigin Pub 1
   Division 2
Peter DarlingEagles Norwalk 1
Dave KleinFerris Hill 1

 Week 12 All Stars
6 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
T.J. HerlihyTiernan's 1Division 1140-159140
   7 Hitx3
   4 Corksx1
   6 Hitx1
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nigel BrownTigin Pub 1Division 19 Hitx1
Mike DeckFerris Hill 1Division 2101-119115
   6 Hitx1
Corey GoodmanTigin Pub 1Division 17 Hitx1
   6 Hitx1
Dan VergezTigin Pub 1Division 1140-159140
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Scott AnyanFerris Hill 1Division 2120-139121
Jim BarlowFiddler's Green 2Division 2120-139120
Eric BrideauVFW-Westport 1Division 1120-139121
Richie BronnerFerris Hill 1Division 2101-119102
Steve BrownFiddler's Green 2Division 27 Hitx1
Mitch CabotTiernan's 1Division 1120-139136
Rory CapenerTigin Pub 2Division 1120-139120
Nick CossutoVFW-Westport 1Division 1140-159140
Janet DalrympleEagles Norwalk 1Division 2120-139120
David Dalrymple Sr.Eagles Norwalk 1Division 26 Hitx1
Peter DarlingEagles Norwalk 1Division 2120-139124
Bill DeWittTiernan's 1Division 1120-139125
Matt EkstowiczEagles-Stamford 1Division 27 Hitx1
Rich FrattaroliTiernan's 1Division 16 Hitx1
Spencer GinsbergTigin Pub 1Division 14 Corksx1
John HuzinaFerris Hill 1Division 26 Hitx1
Chris JackEagles Norwalk 1Division 27 Hitx1
Gary JossEagles-Stamford 1Division 2120-139128
Dave KleinFerris Hill 1Division 2120-139121
Dwayne MorganTiernan's 1Division 16 Hitx1
Michael O'LearyTigin Pub 2Division 16 Hitx1
Flip PalumboVFW-Westport 1Division 1101-119102
Joey RamosTigin Pub 1Division 16 Hitx1
Kitty RodriguezFerris Hill 1Division 27 Hitx1
Rob TavellaVFW-Westport 1Division 1120-139121

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
Division 2Eagles Norwalk 12018-04-109Week 7 Scoresheet never received.