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 Division 1
Team W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT 5C5CD5D Last 5 Average Points
Tiernan's 145-9 41-1335-19121-413-0-039-1540-1442-12WWW.747121
VFW-Westport 19-4533-2154-0 96-662-1-034-2028-2634-20LWW.59396
Pastime 127-2747-7 19-3593-691-1-127-2742-1224-30TWL.57493
Tigin Pub 127-2721-3313-4132-2293-1231-2-133-3920-5240-32TLLW.43193
Ferris Hill 1 7-470-5422-3229-1330-3-011-4314-404-50LLL.17929

 Week 5 Results
   Division 1
VFW-Westport 1 vs.Pastime 1 
Ferris Hill 1 vs.Tiernan's 1 
Tigin Pub 1 had a bye this week.
 Division 2
Team W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT 5C5CD5D Last 5 Average Points
Tuckers 236-1848-637-1745-9166-504-0-054-1854-1858-14WWWW.769166
Tigin Pub 218-3625-2938-1636-18117-992-2-035-3746-2636-36LLWW.542117
Eagles Norwalk 132-2231-2332-2218-36113-1033-1-041-3136-3636-36WWWL.523113
Eagles-Stamford 137-1723-3117-3732-22109-1072-2-039-3334-3836-36WLLW.505109
Tuckers 117-3729-2522-329-4577-1391-3-023-4924-4830-42LWLL.35677
Fiddler's Green 122-326-4816-3822-3266-1500-4-024-4822-5020-52LLLL.30666

 Week 5 Results
   Division 2
Tuckers 2 vs.Eagles Norwalk 1 
Eagles-Stamford 1 vs.Tigin Pub 2 
Fiddler's Green 1 vs.Tuckers 1 

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 Week 5 All Stars
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