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 Hub Lakes
Team 2024202420242024HL2024 Win-Loss WLT Last 5 AVG PTS MP
Rock Ridge10-155-2015-10 17-860-653-2-0LLWWW.480603
Rainbow15-10 4-2116-95-2053-723-2-0WLWLW.424533
Cedar9-1616-9 11-1420-570-553-2-0LWLWW.560703
ArrowheadP-P12-1314-1116-9 53-472-2-0LWWL.530532
Mountain LakesP-P18-710-1514-1111-1465-602-3-0WLWLL.520652
Estling 9-1611-149-168-1752-731-4-0LLLLW.416521
White Meadow6-197-1811-149-165-2048-1020-6-0LLLLL.320480

 Hub Lakes 2024 Results
   Hub Lakes
Rock Ridge 10-15Rainbow 
White Meadow 6-19Parsippany 
Indian 16-9Cedar 
Mountain Lakes P-PArrowhead 
Estling had a bye this week.

 Hub Lakes 2024 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Connor C (Parsippany)ParsippanyHub LakesC-7x1
   High Score100
   High Score99
   High Score96
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Joe L (Rock Ridge)Rock RidgeHub LakesHigh In120
   High Score140
   High Score100
Rich T (Rainbow)RainbowHub LakesC-6x1
Kris W (Parsippany)ParsippanyHub LakesC-5x1
   High Score125
   High Score100
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jeff D (Cedar)CedarHub LakesHigh Score100
   High Score100
Jimmy K (Indian)IndianHub LakesHigh Score120
   High Score100
Greg S (Cedar)CedarHub LakesC-5x2
Victor S (Indian)IndianHub LakesC-5x1
   High Score115
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Kwi B (Indian)IndianHub LakesHigh Score100
Marty C (Indian)IndianHub LakesHigh Score121
Mike F (Cedar)CedarHub LakesHigh Score114
Erich F (Indian)IndianHub LakesC-5x1
Rob G (Parsippany)ParsippanyHub LakesC-5x1
Frank G (Rainbow)RainbowHub LakesC-6x1
Ray H (White Meadow)White MeadowHub LakesHigh Score100
Rob L (Rainbow)RainbowHub LakesHigh Score100
Rob M (Rock Ridge)Rock RidgeHub LakesC-5x1
Joe S (Parsippany)ParsippanyHub LakesC-5x1
Steve S (Rock Ridge)Rock RidgeHub LakesC-5x1
Kate S (White Meadow)White MeadowHub LakesC-5x1
Maggie S (White Meadow)White MeadowHub LakesC-5x1
Alvin W (Cedar)CedarHub LakesC-5x1