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 Division 1
Team W22W21W20W19W18 Win-Loss WLT 5C5CD5D Last 5 Average Points
VFW-Westport 1 43-1147-731-2337-17700-38018-2-0266-94240-120194-166WWWWW.648700
Tiernan's 1 40-14 37-1736-18687-23116-1-0213-93236-70238-68WWWWL.748687

 Division 2
Team W22W21W20W19W18 Win-Loss WLT 5C5CD5D Last 5 Average Points
Tigin Pub 1 28-2622-3242-12 555-41712-6-0183-141198-126174-150WLWWW.571555
B.J. Ryan's 212-4226-2822-3234-2038-16566-46011-7-0172-162194-148188-150LLLWW.552554
Pastime 1 24-3032-2220-3418-36519-45311-7-0167-157182-142170-154LWLLL.534519
Eagles-Stamford 142-1230-2417-3740-1428-26551-4759-9-0165-167168-156176-152WWLWW.537509
Ferris Hill 1 26-2832-2214-4017-37457-4618-9-0159-147152-154146-160LWLLW.498457
Eagles Norwalk 1 28-2637-1712-4233-21380-5926-12-0130-194108-216142-182WWLWL.391380
Fiddler's Green 1 14-4025-2923-3126-28369-6033-15-0109-215130-194130-194LLLLL.380369
B.J. Ryan's 1  7-4717-3716-38310-6623-15-0106-21892-232112-212LLLWL.319310
Eagles-Norwalk 2 11-4329-25 21-33306-6662-16-0112-21282-242112-212LWLLL.315306


 Player of the Week
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 Week 22 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jeff McMahanEagles-Stamford 1Division 2140-159140
   7 Hitx1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Kevin DubeEagles-Stamford 1Division 2101-119102