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Queen Street Dart League - News

Summer Darts Registration Deadline

Summer Darts Regisatrion Deadline is fast approaching.

Register early as we cannot take an odd number of teams. In case of an odd number of registrations, priority will be given to teams who registered on a first-come first served basis. In addition, preference will be given to returning Fall/Winter QSDL teams.

Play begins Tuesday June 25th.

ThIdeally the season will be 8-10 Week Schedule (number of weeks will depend on number of teams registered) with regular play starting Tuesday June 25th.

Playoffs to start Tuesday following completion of regular play.

Forms can be found on our official webpage, right-most column near the bottom of the page.

Registrations should be sent to: info AT qsdl DOT com

Added on: Monday, June 10, 2024

Summer Teams List

Summer 2024 Registration Update - Teams - 14


Wicket Dart Juicers - The Wicket

Joe's Garage - Rally's

Dartaholics - McMurphy's

Raging Bulls - Gabby's (Roncesvalles)

Anger Management - Annex Social

Anti Social - Annex Social

The Worst Guys - Christie Pits Pub

Make Nice - Sidestreet Bar

Darts of Hazzard - Sidestreet Bar

Double Trouble - Eagles Club

d'Artagnans - Eagles Club

Non-Commitments - Eagles Club

*Bullshooters - Rails and Ales

*Darticus - Rails and Ales

Added on: Monday, June 10, 2024

AGM Update

AGM Update... we have received NO proxy forms by last night's deadline, so proxies will not be accepted. We will need a minimum of 20 captains physically present to proceed with the meeting.

Added on: Sunday, June 2, 2024

Reminder: Important Dates

Reminder: Important Dates

  1. Annual General Meeting – June 4th
  2. Annual Awards Ceremony and Banquet – June 11th
  3. Deadline for Summer Registration – June 11th


  1. Annual General Meeting


June 4, 2024

RCL Br. 75

1-A Ramsden Road - Dufferin and Eglinton area

Doors open at 6:00PM. Meeting starts at 7:00PM.

Note: Bar is CASH ONLY


Positions up for Election this Year:

Vice-President – 2 year term

Treasurer – 1 year term

Secretary – 1 year term

Member at Large (2 spots) – 1 year term


If you plan on running for a position on the executive board, please note, only members in good standing can run, and make sure you read the following section from our By-Laws section that outlines who can run:

Eligibility of Directors

4.2 Eligibility – To be eligible for election as a Director, an individual must: a) Be (19) years of age or older; b) Not have been found under the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992 or under the Mental Health Act to be incapable of managing property; c) Have the power under law to contract; d) Have not been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country; and e) Not have the status of bankrupt.


It is very important to make sure we have 20 captains (or their proxies) in attendance for this meeting as important league business will not be accomplished if we do not meet quorum.

So either plan on attending or complete your proxy form and assign it to a member in good standing.

Link here:




     2. Awards Ceremony and Banquet


June 11, 2024

The Annex Social

1078 Bathurst Street – Dupont and Bathurst

Dinner service begins at 6:30PM


*** Note – In the event of a TTC strike we reserve the right to reschedule the event ***


6:30 Dinner Service

7:30 Announcements

7:45 Awards Presentation

8:30 Darts skill challenges




     3. Summer Darts - Registration Deadline


Deadline for summer registration is June 11th so be sure to bring your registration forms and make sure your team is registered.


Added on: Wednesday, May 29, 2024

AGM Postponement to June 4 2024

Members are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for May 28th will be postponed to Tues June 4, 2024.

The meeting will be held at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 75 Fairbank 1-A Ramsden Road in the Dufferin and Eglinton area.

Link to Google Maps: Click here For Map

Doors will open at 6:00PM with the AGM starting at 7:00PM

Attendance is important for us to carry on the business of the league and conduct the annual voting of Executive members.

To conduct the meeting we will need a quorum of 20 voting members in good standing either in attendance or by submitting a proxy. Proxy holders must be QSDL members in good standing.

All members in good standing are permitted to attend the meeting.

Proxy forms can be found on the QSDL home page in the right hand column near the bottom.

Deadline for us to receive proxies is 11:59PM Saturday June 1, 2024.

Added on: Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Summer 2024 Registration is Now Open

We are opening up summer registration today with the cut off June 11th.

Register early as we cannot take an odd number of teams. In case of an odd number of registrations, priority will be given to teams who registered on a first-come first served basis. In addition, preference will be given to returning Fall/Winter QSDL teams.

Play begins Tuesday June 25th.

The season will be 8-10 Week Schedule (number of weeks will depend on number of teams registered) with regular play starting Tuesday June 25th. Playoffs to start Tuesday following completion of regular play.

Play format to be determined by captains’ vote.

Venue fee $125.

The team registration form is available in our downloads section on the home page... right-most column at bottom.

Registrations should be sent by email to [email protected]



Added on: Thursday, May 16, 2024

Finals Results - All Divisions

Congrats to all our Divisional Champions for the 2023-24 Season

A Division - Dart Rebels

Div 1 - A Nightmare on Elm Street

Div 2 - Smokin' Darts



Added on: Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Results Week 3 Playoffs

A Div Champions: Dart Rebels

1st Div East Champion: A Nightmare on Elm Street

1st Div West Champion: The Wicketkeepers

2nd Div East Champion: Joe's Garage

2nd Div West Champion: Smokin' Darts

Added on: Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Combined Divisional Finals - Venues

1st Divisional Final (East vs. West):

The Wicketkeepers at A Nightmare on Elm (Eagles Club)

2nd Divisional Final (East vs. West):

Smokin' Darts at Joe's Garage (Rallys)

All are welcome to watch the finals. Just remember, please be respectful and mind the rules of etiquette.

Added on: Wednesday, May 8, 2024

A Division Issue - Week 1 Playoffs

Situation re: Playoff Match between Screaming Eagles and Expendabulls - Week 1 Playoffs

 A situation arose in Week 1 of playoffs whereby the Screaming Eagles had requested and received exceptions from the Board to play during the Week 1 playoff game. Since they didn't appear to meet the weeks required to play, the captain of the Expendabulls lodged a protest prior to the start of play despite being shown the email from the Board allowing them to play.

Ultimately, because the Screaming Eagles played players who were allowed to play and the Board could find no basis to sanction the Screaming Eagles for the use of the players, the protest could not be processed. The Board did consider and had communicated to both teams that a rematch without the players would be a fair option to determine outcome.

Late Monday night (the evening before the match was to be replayed) we received communication that our interpretation of upholding the protest was wrong and we had no basis for altering the win the Eagles team achieved in the original match. This is an important development at the last minute.

As this communication was received after hours, we could not discuss it until Tuesday morning. As members of the board form a Committee and important decisions such as this must be brought to a consensus vote, this did take a few good hours to arrange, particularly since members of the board lead busy lives.

It was therefore early afternoon when we made the unfortunate but necessary decision to uphold the original outcome and cancel the replay match.

This unfortunate and confusing incident has caused an incredible amount of time and effort to sort out, made more difficult because we were time constrained. Along with maintaining the league in other areas such as arranging the banquet and AGM.Additionally, we as a Board, DID NOT make the ruling to allow the players to play with any favouritism toward the Screaming Eagles, which has been suggested.

The board has always had the right to grant exceptions to players. We also have a process to avoid Conflict of Interest in that board members cannot be involved in decisions involving teams in divisions in which they play.

This is the current process. It is not perfect. The board will look at improvements before the next season with full input from captains to make  changes that would include deadlines for submissions as well as submitting requests to a captains committee for review.

We also acknowledge that our handling of the matter was less than perfect, but board members are not infallible and have to navigate tricky situations at times, especially when they occur during a time of high emotions such as the playoffs. Sometimes there will be unpopular decisions. That is the challenge of a volunteer board.

Added on: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Playoffs Begin Tuesday!

Good luck to all in the playoffs. And... just a reminder about Etiquette during playoffs. Here are a basic few items from our rules to remember:

2023-2024 Rules Queen Street Dart League

Appendix G – Etiquette

1. No cell phone use while chalking.

2. No screaming outs, what score is left, etc. no loud yelling while a player is on the oche.

3. No unnecessary movement while chalking.

4. If drinking while chalking, no sipping while player on the oche.

5. No correction of scores while a player is on the oche.

6. Personal space – be aware of how close you are standing next to a player while they are on the oche.

7. No throwing of darts in anger at the board or wall.

We know it's a competitive atmosphere, but be kind and considerate and ultimately respectful of others and the venues that host us.

Added on: Monday, April 22, 2024

Playoffs - Important Updates

The first week of playoffs happen Tues. April 23. Schedules are now up.

Due to venue conflicts:

    Make Nice will be playing d’Artagnans at Annex Social as the home team

    Wicket Dart Juicers will be playing Socially Annex-ceptable at Gabbys on Roncesvalles

Note: Although not playing at home, Make Nice and Wicket Dart Juicers will be considered the Home team.


     A Nightmare on Elm Street will have a BYE Week 1


IMPORTANT: Tie Break Procedure for A and 2nd Division

Please note that for A and 2nd Divisions, because there are an even number of games in both divisions, here are the Tie Break procedures:

A Division: 1 leg of 1001 SIDO (Straight In, Double Out) 6 players

2nd Division: 1 leg of 701 SIDO (Straight In, Double Out) 6 players

Home team provides chalker

If either or both teams cannot field 6 players for the 1,001 game, the missing player positions will have their turns skipped. No points will be scored for the missing player position as a result.

Note: This will put a team with fewer than 6 players at a disadvantage as they will have fewer throws than a full-strength team.

Added on: Sunday, April 14, 2024

RJ Boyer Fundraiser - Youth Nationals

Special Event – Fundraiser to send RJ Boyer to the Youth Nationals

QSDL Member R.J. Boyer (The Expendabulls) has qualified for the National Youth Championships May 16-19 in Quebec.

Tuesday April 16 is the Break Week between the final week of the season and playoffs, so in RJ’s honour we will be holding 2 special league events to help with fundraising.

These are open events with participants not required to be QSDL members

Event 1

Location: Eagles Club 17 Elm Street (2 blocks north of Dundas off Yonge)

Format: Seeded Blind Draw Doubles

Cost: $10 Entry Fee* per person with optional High Score High Finish fee of $5.00

Time: Registration cut off 7:30, play commencing around 7:45-8:00pm

*The payout is 50% of Entry Fees returned to players, 50% going directly to RJ. 100% of High Score and High Finish money paid back to players

Event 2

Location: Leaside Pub 190 Laird Drive just south of Eglinton

Format: Blind Draw Doubles

Cost: $5 Donation to RJ Boyer, with optional High Score High Finish fee of $5.00

Guaranteed Payout: 1st $100 2nd $60 Joint 3rd $10

Time: Registration cut off 7:30, play commencing around 7:45

***Note: Each player will receive a complimentary drink from the bar.


Final format to be determined on the night.

Decisions of the organizers at both venues are final.

In addition to the monies generated from these events, the league has decided to make an honorarium of $300 to RJ directly to help with expenses.

There will also be Skill Challenges at each venue such as Bull Challenges, 9 Dart High Score and others.

Added on: Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Dates: Events and Playoff Structure

Important Information - Calendar of Events and Playoff Structure

1. Calendar of Events:

April  9 - Week 21 (Last week of play)
April 16- Bye week - Special events - Eagles Club & Leaside Pub - details to follow shortly
April 23 - 1st week of playoffs
April 30 - 2nd week of playoffs
May 7 - Finals for A, 1st and 2nd Division East and West finals
May 14 - Overall Championship for 1st and 2nd Divisions
May 21 - No planned events
May 28 - AGM
June 4 - No planned events
June 11 - Banquet


2. Playoff Structure:

All teams participate in playoffs. Teams will play in the same division they played in all year until the overall finals.

Overall Divisional Finals will be Top team from East to play Top team from West.

Home venue will be the team with the highest win percentage in regular season.

Players need 9 weeks to qualify (except for 1st Division East where players only need 7).
Registered captains automatically qualify regardless of weeks played.

Teams will be seeded by Division. Play will be as follows

Team #1 home to Team #8
Team #2 home to Team #7
Team #3 home to Team #6
Team #4 home to Team #5

1st place for the season overall by points will receive a plaque
Winners and Runners Up in each division will receive a cup
Winner of 1st and 2nd Division Overall Championship get a cup

- end



Added on: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Annual Singles Championships - Results

We had a great night with our annual Singles Championships with 82 players turning out at 4 locations.

A Division Champion - James Adams over Edwin Mason

1st Division Champion - Oisin Hourihane over Phillip Olsen

2nd Division - Justin Payne over Chris Lourenco

Added on: Monday, February 26, 2024

No Promotion/Relegation Final 7 Weeks

The board has decided there will be no Promotion/Relegation for the final 7 weeks.

The next 4 weeks are up with the full final schedule up by end of weekend.

Also, in 1st Division East, due to a team folding, qualification weeks will be set to 7 instead of 9.

Added on: Monday, February 19, 2024

Singles Championships - Feb 20th

Tues. Feb. 20th is the Annual Q.S.D.L. Singles Championships.


A Division - Paul LeBlanc & Edwin Mason Organizers

RCL Br. 75

1-A Ramsden Rd (Dufferin and Eglinton) Parking available.

$10 entry; Optional $5.00 High Score/High Finish

Note: This location is CASH ONLY


B Division - Luisa Salerno Organizer

Christie Pits Pub

814 Bloor St. W.

$10 entry; Optional $5.00 High Score/High Finish


C Division - Cristos Athanasiou Organizer

Leaside Pub

190 Laird Drive

$5.00 entry; Optional $5.00 High Score/High Finish


Open Tournament - For those who just want to play without a title

Eagles Club

17 Elm St. (2 blocks north of Dundas west of Yonge)

Entry and format TBA on the night


All locations:

7:30PM Cutoff; play starts on or before 8:00PM

Format to be determined by organizers on the night

Decisions of the organizers will be final

Venues MAY not be able to provide food

NOTE: You can NOT play in a division lower than your current play, but you can play in a higher division



Added on: Monday, February 12, 2024

POSTPONEMENT - Tonight Jan 9th

Out of an abundance of caution, the Board has decided to Postpone tonights matches and play them on Tues Feb 13th instead.

We will try and contact as many captains as possible and venues as well, but if you could let your teammates know that would help.

Added on: Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Under Dogs have Folded

Unfortunately, the Under Dogs (1st Division East) have had to fold.

Matches they were scheduled to play will now be a BYE week instead.

Added on: Thursday, December 7, 2023

No Promotion/Relegation

The board has decided that there will be NO Promotion or Relegation after the first 7 weeks of play.

We will monitor play throughout the next 7 weeks to see if there will be any movement after Week 14.

Added on: Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Holiday Schedule

The following is our schedule over the holiday season:


Tues Nov 28 - Week 7

Tues Dec 5 - Annual Doubles Tournament (see related news item)

Tues Dec 12 - Week 8

Tues Dec 19 - Annual XMas event (news item soon)

Tues Dec 26 - Break Week

Tues Jan 2 - Week 9


Added on: Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Annual QSDL Doubles Championships

Come on out to the Annual QSDL Doubles Tournaments on Tuesday December 5th (bye week)!

Held by Division at the venues listed below. Come out and show us your best darts and be your Divisional champion!

You may play in your division or any division higher, but may not play in a lower division unless permitted by the executive.

$5.00 buy in Div 1 and Div 2, $10.00 buy in for A Division. Please bring cash for the buy ins.

All money returned to the winners.

Register by 7:30. Play starts around 7:45.

Format to be determined by organizers.

Bring a partner or find one there.

See you there!


A Division

The Right Wing Sports Pub

2497 Yonge St (a few blocks north of Eglinton)

Organizers: Vicki Moulaison and Edwin Mason


1st Division (B)

Eagles Club

17 Elm St. (2 blocks north of Dundas west of Yonge)

Organizer: Paul LeBlanc


2nd Division (C)

Annex Social

1078 Bathurst St, (Bathurst and Dupont)

Organizers: Cristos Athanasiou and Liz Goldenberg


Open Tournament – Open to All

Leaside Pub, 190 Laird Dr.

Organizer: Param R.




Added on: Saturday, November 18, 2023

Thursday Night Cricket League

A Thursday Night Cricket League

Teams of 4 players (you will need to carry 5 or 6)

Looking at West of Yonge and East of Yonge divisions (to reduce travel)

Looking to cap teams at 6 or 8 per division.

Format to be decided

Venues MUST be confirmed by the league

League Fee to be $150 for the season

Anticipated start date Thursday November 23

Register early to guarantee your spot.

Let us know you are interested ASAP... E-mail us at [email protected]

Added on: Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Queen Street Dart League Singles League

The Queen Street Dart League Singles League


Two Divisions – A Division and Non-A Division

Limited to 24 Players per division

2 Hubs of play likely to be:

Yonge south of Bloor and North of Eglinton. Locations TBA

501 Singles SIDO (Single In Double Out)

Longer format of play

-Anticipated to be First to 9 legs A Div and First to 7 legs Non-A


Buy Ins

$120 for A Division ($100 to main prize pool, $10 each for 180s and High Finish)

$60 for Non-A ($50 to main prize pool, $5 each for 180s and High Finish)

NOTE: The league may use its discretion in determining who is an A player and who is not.

Max 12 players per division per hub

As the league will be contributing to the prize pool, all players must be registered and active Q.S.D.L. members, able to meet the minimum qualifying number of weeks on Tuesday nights (9 weeks)

Nominated night of play Thursday, with mutual arrangement play as an alternative, however, all play must occur at nominated “Hub”

Also, unique to the Q.S.D.L.: For each 16 registered players, we will do a Second Chance draw to refund the buy-in amount back (up to $100 for A, or up to $50 for Non-A) compliments of the league. (i.e. with 17 or more players, we will hold 2 Second Chance draws. For those who win a prize, but not up to the amount of their buy-in, they will receive the balance up to their buy-in amount.)

Play set to resume Nov. 30th

Full payouts and full details to be announced once registration completed, but we estimate payouts to be as follows:


With 20 Players

A Division

1st - $1,000

2nd – $500

Joint 3rd - $250

Joint 5th – $125

Joint 7th -  $75

Non A Division would be approx.. half of this with 20 players

Please contact us ASAP to indicate your interest and pre-register to guarantee your spot.

E-mail us at: [email protected]


Added on: Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Resignation and Appointment of Secretary

Due to a sustaining a serious injury, we have had to accept the resignation of Suzanne Bennett from the Q.S.D.L. Executive Board.

We wish Suzanne a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her toe the oche once she recovers.

As per our By-Laws, we have voted as a Board to invite Vicky Moulaisson as Secretary, subject to section 4.15 of our By-Laws that deal with a vacancy.

Vicky has accepted, and is now ratified as the Secretary.

We look forward to working with her in this historic season.

Added on: Sunday, October 15, 2023

Tonight is Historical!

So here it is - the start to our historical season.

Tonight we kick off our combined league with 40 teams and over 300 players registered.

Welcome to all new teams, players and venues.

A few reminders:

Start time is 7:15 with a grace of 15 minutes

***A Division start time: 7:30 with a grace of 15 minutes***

Scoresheets and Rules are available for download here:

Look at the right-most column toward the bottom.

Captains - please enter your roster in the system.

Match results will not be able to be updated without a list of players in your roster.

A word of caution though: when you are entering players, if they have played QSDL before, make sure you select them from "Unassigned Players" rather than create a new player.

This way their historical stats will remain

Added on: Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Schedules/Scoresheets Now Up

Schedules and Scoresheets are now up.

Venues should be conflict-free, but if you notice any conflicts let us know right away.

Every team has either 3 or 4 home games.

You can find scoresheets on the right-hand column at the bottom in the downloads section.

Added on: Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Name Change Update

Name Change Update

Folks, the Ministry has gotten back to us and has denied our proposed name change.

It seems our proposed name is too similar to one that already exists in Ontario – Metro Toronto Area Dart League. I have been in contact with some Metro players who were unaware the name was still registered.

Next Steps

We have no choice but to move forward with our original name – Queen Street Dart League. As a result we have redone player membership forms and team registrations to reflect the original name. Please use these. If you have forms under the Toronto Dart League name, we will still accept those.

Forms can be found on our home page, right hand column at the bottom.

Metro is looking at what it would take to close down the original listing, but the name change therefore would not take place until at least the beginning of the 2024-2025 season.

We will keep you informed of any further updates.

Added on: Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Fall/Winter Season

More details and registration forms to be supplied later, but here is the timeline for the league over the next few weeks:

- Sept. 12 – Off

- Sept. 19 – Off

- Sept 26 - AGM / Captains Meeting / Final night of Team Registration

- Oct. 3 – Off as schedules divisions will need to be sorted out

- Oct. 10 – Week 1 of play

League fee will be $300.00, with a $25.00 discount for payment by Oct. 31st.

Further details to follow...

If you plan to register a team, please indicate below....

PS: We hope within the next weeks to receive formal notice from the Ministry that our new name has been accepted.

Added on: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

And the new league name is...

The new name of the Queen Street Dart League....

Toronto Dart League - TDL

Vote Breakdown

TDL - 13

TCDL - 2

TPDL - 1

In the unlikely event Toronto Dart League is not available, we will go to the #2 selection.

Registration of the new name will commence tomorrow Monday August 21.

Added on: Sunday, August 20, 2023

Vote for the New League Name


The Name Change Committee has recommended Toronto Dart League - TDL

In order to validate such a momentous decision which changes the identity of the league, the Board has decided to ratify the choice by having Captains on record as of close of the 2022-2023 season vote on the 3 options discussed by the Committee.

Captains will vote on

TDL - Toronto Dart League - Recommended

TCDL - Toronto City Dart League

TPDL - Toronto Players Dart League

The vote will close 8PM Sunday

The new name will be announced shortly afterwards and the name change process with the Ministry will begin on Monday.

If you are one of 29 QSDL Captains, please check your email and respond with your choice.

Added on: Friday, August 18, 2023

Name Change Discussions

As we retire the names of 2 great Toronto leagues that have served this city well for over 40 years, we are asking for suggestions for a new name that will carry us into the future.

We are forming a Name Change Committee to consider submissions for the new name.

To keep the committee from being too unwieldy, we are going to limit invites to 5 people and have made our initial invites.

All league members will have a forum in which to submit name suggestions and all will be considered.

We will update you with a list of candidate names throughout the process, ending in a final vote on the Top 3 names the Committee selects as the standouts.

You can participate in our Facebook Group by clicking here:

Click here for the Facebook page

Or email suggestions to [email protected]

We will announce our final selection on August 15th.

Added on: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

An Update To All Q.S.D.L. League Members

An Update To All Q.S.D.L. League Members

Recent Developments

I am happy to announce that based on a vote concluded this past Saturday, the players of Metro Toronto Area Dart League (Metro) have voted in favour of combining with our league.

In addition, as the result of our recent vote, we will be changing our league name from the Queen Street Dart League to a new name, which has yet to be decided.

What this Means

The league will remain the same in terms of structure and corporate identity except for a name change. We will maintain our Not For Profit status. Certain items in our By-Laws may also change, but only to accommodate a bigger league.

Of course, all proposed changes will be voted on at our next AGM prior to the start of the fall/winter season.


We are expecting there be several improvements related to having the members of Metro join us. This would include:

· Reducing travel time

· Adding more teams in C and B division

· Having a robust competitive Division at the Premier level

· Access to more venues and more potential new members

The Process

We will be forming committees in the coming days to deal with the name change transition, and various other committees to ensure a smooth integration in all facets of managing the major changes we consider to be next steps for the league.

We will keep you updated on the next steps.

Added on: Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Congrats to our Mega Darts Finalists

Congrats to Mike Kehoe on winning the Darts Mega Event Finals.

Mike outlasted a field of 30 others over the 4 night event for the win over Cian Sweeney.

Thanks to Mike and all those who showed to play in this long-term event, as well as those who attended to show support.

A special thanks to Jack Ng (Expendabulls) for chalking duties eventhough eh didn't play.




Added on: Sunday, May 28, 2023

Results of the Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors for the Queen Street Dart League:


President: Paul LeBlanc

Vice-President: Cristos Athanasiou (Change in position from Member at Large)

Treasurer: Luisa Salerno

Secretary: Liz Goldenberg

Member at Large: William Buckley (New)


Congratulatoins to Cristos on assuming the role of Vice President, and to Buckley on joining the Board.

The board thanks Dave Cunningham for his years of service on the Executive and various committees.

Added on: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Important League Updates

Tues. Aug. 2 is Week 10 and is the last week before Re-Alignment.

Tuesday Aug 9 is an OFF week. as we make the necessary system changes and produce schedules.

For the final 5 weeks of regular play, teams will be separated into A, B or C Division, based on win percentage, and will resume Tues. August 16th

Schedules will be up as soon as we can create them.

Item 2

August 9, while there is no official play, the league will be hosting 3 Blind Draw events around the city: Events will be held at:

Annex Social
1078 Bathurst near Dupont
Eagles Club
17 Elm Street
Leaside Pub
190 Laird Drive
*Leaside Pub will match prize pool dollar for dollar

Events will be $5.00 per person per entry. All money returned as prizes.
Events will start at 7:30 with registration cut-off at 7:15
Format will be determined on night of play by organizers.
All decisions by the organizers are final.

Item 3

Please make sure all your results are in at end of match Week 10. We need to create the schedule for Weeks 11 to 15 as soon as possible.


Added on: Monday, August 1, 2022

Join Our Facebook Page

Your dart league now has a Facebook page!

It will not replace this news section as the primary way of reaching our members, but it will improve our communication abilities greatly.

Please visit our page and ask to join:

Join QSDL on Facebook Now!

Added on: Thursday, June 26, 2014